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2002Nov28 by Ben Wiens...energy scientist

I haven't added links to this page for quite a few years. Really where does one stop, there are so many links that could be added. Back when I wrote this page, search engines were not as good as today. So some of the links might be dead by now. But look through the links partly in a historical way, as it's interesting what sites were hot back then. However in 2017 I'm planning on updating this page and adding new websites.

Energy Links is a single directory listing--energy. I have made extensive comments about many of the websites. Presently there are 87 links listed. Come back regularly as Energy Links is constantly expanding. Use the Find feature on your web browser to locate websites in this document with keywords. I have written another article called Websearching that contains the latest news on how to find information on the Internet. It contains hyperlinks to the popular search engines as well as links to sites that contain databases of information.

2. LATEST WEBSITE LISTINGS...posting date order

Danish Wind Industry Association 2002Nov28 Denmark Wind Energy...Information site. See the Quick Time movies about wind energy.
Future Energies 2002May03 United Kingdom Alternative energy...News site for alternative energy technologies including a discussion forum.
Stirling engine paper 2002May03 USA Stirling engines...for those interested in small stirling engines here is a paper that you might find interesting, titled "The Stirling engine-refrigerator: rich pedagogy from applied physics". It deals with a low-differential temperature systems which was studied both theoretically and experimentally.
Hpower 2002May03 USA Fuel cells...H Power Corp. believe that they were the first to complete a commercial sale of proton-exchange membrane, or PEM, fuel cell system. H Power was founded in 1989 and incorporated in the state of Delaware. Their PEM fuel cells are designed to provide electricity for a wide range of stationary, portable, and mobile applications. H Power is completing the development of residential co-generation units, or RCUs, which provide 3 to 4.5 kilowatts of continuous power, peak power of up to 10 kilowatts, and power spikes of up to 20 kilowatts. The RCU has been designed to provide the electricity needs of an average home in the United States. The RCU incorporates many proprietary technologies, including the fuel cell stack and a fuel processor, based on steam reforming, which processes propane or natural gas to high-quality hydrogen for the fuel cell. They are currently offering for sale several portable and mobile fuel cells systems, operating on hydrogen, and ranging in power from 35 watts to 500 watts, for a wide range of applications.
Segway™ Human Transporter 2001Dec09 USA Transportation...a two wheeled human transporter that is much talked about. Will this be the future? I wonder about these things knocking down pedestrians on the sidewalk. I have done a lot of investigating into powered bicycles. Only electric ones will be allowed in the future. But bicycles must travel on the road unless there is a bicycle path. I can't see these being legal on the road.
Eric's History of Perpetual Motion and Free Energy Machines 2001Nov21 USA Perpetual Motion...In spite of no evidence of success, hundreds of people for centuries have attempted to solve the holy grail of energy production - Perpetual Motion Machines. Many people simply think it must be possible and if they only try hard enough, they will find a solution.
Saturna Technologies, Inc. 2001Nov21 USA Cold Fusion...Saturna Technologies, Inc. (STI), is based on the work of Russ George, head engineer. Operated by CEO David Patterson and President Dr. Robert Falls, STI is working on the development and eventual global use of cold fusion. Based in Palo Alto and Vancouver, British Columbia, STI works with a collaborative international network of researchers, scientists, and engineers. STI is dedicated to the design, manufacture, and distribution of the world's first line of laboratory research instruments that reliably produce these 'cold fusion' reactions on demand."
Medis Technologies 2001Aug09 USA Fuel Cells, Stirling refrigerators, Engines, Batteries...is developing highly advanced proprietary technologies to satisfy the worldwide demand for cleaner and more efficient energy. Their Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell is one of the first to be able to use ethanol, the favored green fuel of the future, it can use methanol fuel as well.They do not use a PEM but use a proprietary liquid electrolyte instead. Are also working on Stirling refrigerators which can be more efficient than the present type, a new engine, and batteries.
Hydrovolt Energy Systems 2001Jun04 USA Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Gasifier...Something that you may find interesting is that we are working on a system to combine a SOFC with a bio gasifier. Hydrovolt has applied for a patent for the system. The heat generated from the SOFC is used to drive the gasification process. Also we have a proprietary stack design that incorporates some of sealability (is that a word?) of tubular cells with the desired power density of a planar design. An improved design could make SOFC's more popular. Right now everybody including Global has problems with sealing.
Wind Power Online 2001Mar22 USA International Wind Energy Marketplace...Click under Featured Offers/Patented to find out about the WARP(tm) combined wind energy amplifier and solar tower concept developed by Eneco.

3. ENERGY WEBSITES...alphabetical order

Aqua Pure Ventures 2000Apr Canada water distillation...use mechanical vapor recompression distillation process similar to Ocean Power which requires 20 times less energy than simple distillation at ambient pressure. They are pursuing recovery of water and solids in industrial processes such as chemical plants and oil sands.
Astris Energy 2000Apr Canada fuel cell...chose to develop the alkaline fuel cell because of it's inherent ability to operate at ambient temperatures and start instantly, offers the highest electrochemical efficiency among known fuel cells, and works with a wide variety of non-noble catalysts. They are working on fuel cells which have improved tolerance to carbon dioxide.
Astro Power 2000Apr USA solar...founded in 1983 as an outgrowth of semiconductor work initiated at the University of Delaware. The company now employs 330 people. The basis for AstroPower's past and present profitability has been the use of recycled semiconductor wafers. Newer APex solar cells are made using a revolutionary new continuous high-speed process called Silicon-Film that produces silicon wafers in a matter of minutes, similar in many ways to modern low-cost methods for manufacturing plate glass or sheet metal. Latest-generation technology Silicon-Film offers more functionality, lower price, and better performance than Apex.
American Hydrogen Association 1999Sep USA association...dedicated to the advancement of inexpensive, clean and safe hydrogen energy systems.
American Society of Mechanical Engineers 1999Apr USA organization...primarily American Mechanical Engineers. Publish a lot of papers and magazines. Have special interest groups such as Advanced Energy and International Gas Turbine Institute.
Avista Labs 1999Sep USA fuel cells...want to commercialize polymer fuel cells.
Ballard Power 2000Jan Canada fuel cells...predominantly working on polymer fuel cells for transportation and electric powerplants. Previously the company produced lithium batteries, then spun off the fuel cell division about 12 years ago. Most of the PEFC technology was developed in house and they own over 200 patents. They are working closely with DaimlerChrysler and Ford. According to Merill Lynch, the PEFC fuel cell cars powered by Ballard will not commence mass production until 2004. In Aug1999 however they announced purchase of a worldwide, non-exclusive license to Direct Methanol Fuel Cell intellectual property from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and the University of Southern California (USC) through DTI Energy, Inc. which holds exclusive licensing rights to the intellectual property. The license is based on technology developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of Caltech and the Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute at USC. Ballard also acquired the right to sublicense the intellectual property to its alliance members under certain conditions. There seems to be a solid movement towards this type of fuel cell with automotive companies.
Ben Wiens Energy Science Site 2001Nov Canada educational...energy web-books, papers, articles, links. Focus is theories, applications, conversion, conservation.
Blue Energy 1999Aug Canada tidal hydro...presently are working on a large project in the Philippines. Use the horizontal Davis turbine. The system has multiple vertical axis hydro turbines with straight foils mounted in a duct structure to form a tidal fence or sea wall. These are large marine structures of reinforced concrete and steel, and can be installed across an estuary with tides of about 1 meter or more, or across a passage where tidal velocities exceed about 2 meters per second or more.
BMD Technology 1999Sep Canada fuel cells...integration of PEM fuel cells for automotive applications.
BlackLight Power Inc. 1999Aug USA free energy...believe they have developed a new method for generating thermal energy for heating and electrical power generation, and a vast class of new compositions of matter. The theory behind the BlackLight Process was first developed and published by BlackLight's founder and president, Dr. R. L. Mills in 1989. Its key implication has remained that hydrogen atoms can achieve stable energy states below the ground state (one) that is generally accepted by conventional atomic theory.
Borealis Technical 2000May United Kingdom electrical...this is a virtual company that works with labs and inventors around the world. Presently two of their designs are quite interesting. The first is an advanced polyphase motor design. Presently large motors use three phase AC current. The new Borealis polyphase motor uses many phases, perhaps 24 or more. This makes the magnetic fields act more effectively in the motor and produces more torque. Such a motor was not really practical 20 years ago, but now the power supply needed for this motor is quite innexpensive. If a variable speed motor control is used anyways, the cost may not be that much more for a polyphase design. The second interesting design is their micro-machined thermionic converter. They claim in their literature that such converters may be able to convert thermal energy or solar energy at 60-80% of the Carnot efficiency. Patents for the device are available on the website in pdf format. The patents however don't say what the efficiency would be.
Burley 1999Apr USA bicycles...Birdy Compact folding bicycle, front and rear suspension, 22 lbs, see folding demonstration on their website. Also make tandems and trailers.
Cold Fusion Times 1999Jul USA magazine...with news about cold fusion.
ConSolar 1999Sep USA solar...combined cycle electricity generating plant, driven by high-concentration optics and high temperature air receivers is being developed. 2MW-40MW. Hybrid solar and fuel and optional thermal storage. Solar to electricity efficiency is 13-25%. Demonstration project is underway. Based on a Brayton cycle engine.
Crank Dot Net 2000Jan> USA index...kranks, crackpots, kooks, and loons on the net.
CSIRO 1999Jul Australia agency...largest scientific research agency in country. Working on planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells.
DynaMotive Technologies 2000Apr Canada fuels...commercializing a unique waste to energy technology that converts forest and agricultural waste into liquid BioOil -- a clean burning, renewable alternative to fossil fuel for generating "green" power in diesel engines, boilers and gas turbines.
Electric Power Research Institute or EPRI 1999Apr USA organization...search for Internet documents or industry reports on energy.
Electrofuel 1999Aug Canada batteries...SuperPolymer battery delivers almost 100% more energy than any other lithium ion polymer. Initial models are for laptop computers and offer up to 15 hrs use on a single charge.
Energy.com 1999Jun USA organization...a free, unbiased service for energy consumers. Aim to assist you in making informed decisions about your energy supply and energy-related products.
Electric Transportation Company 1999Apr USA index...of electric bicycles.
Encyclopedia of Thermodynamics 1999Jul reference...engineering terms
Resources for Students, Teachers, and Parents 2000Jan...links to Web sites that provide general education and energy-related resources to teachers, students and parents.
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN) 1999Sep USA organization...US Department of Energy.
Energy Info Source 1999Oct USA organization...information about the electric power industry. Lists prices of electric power in different areas and news about different electric power utilities.
Energy Ventures Inc 1999Dec Canada fuel cell, batteries...developing DMFC, AFC and lithium ion batteries for portable power. Dec1999 the company claimed its new DMFC technology has resolved the historic problem of methanol cross-over and would result in an initial 30-40% improvement in output. Wayne Hartford, President of EVI stated that "We feel that the marketplace has hugely underestimated the difficulty in developing a broadly based consumer friendly fuelling infrastructure for hydrogen. Without that, there is a need to reform any other fuel into hydrogen on board a vehicle and this equipment is costly, takes up space, and requires a significant percentage of the power output to operate."
Fuel Cell Technologies 2000Apr Canada fuel cell...design, develop, and manufacture a wide range of fuel cell and metal-air semi-fuel cell systems and components such as the aluminum-air battery.
Fuel Cells 2000 Online Fuel Cell Information Center 2000May USA fuel cell...large online directory of developers of fuel cells, articles on fuel cells.
Entropy, Can We Decrease Entropy? 1999Jun educational...Andreas Trupp thinks that Loschmidt was right, that air would slowly stratify into warmer and cooler air at different heights due to the effects of gravity in a long vertical tube. I am not convinced yet, but will keep an open mind.
Free Energy Frequently Asked Questions 1999Aug USA educational...a skeptical and scientific view about free energy.
Frequently Asked Questions concerning The Aether Hypothesis 1999Jun educational...Pete Brown explains that Einstein said that a type of "medium" was needed in Relativity as well and suggests the word aether can still be used.
Fuel Cell Energy 1999Dec USA fuel cells...working on MCFC of 300 kW, 1.5 MW and 3 MW for electric power generation. This technology cannot be scaled down below 300 kW because of their need for significant amounts of auxiliary equipment such as pumps. They target Jan2001 as their date of market entry.
Fuel Cells Co. 1999Sep USA fuel cells...electrolyzer for fuel cells.
Green Energy News 2000May USA green energy...newsletter with long list of backissue articles.
Global Energy Marketplace 1999Jul USA organization...large database of links to energy sites.
Global Thermoelectric 1999Apr Canada fuel cells...have been in business for many years manufacturing small thermoelectric power generators up to 100 watts. Thermoelectric devices are essentially thermocouples. The maximum efficiency is 4-5%. Recently they started working on development of planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells operating at 800°C. In July 1997, Global signed a fuel cell agreement with Forschungszentrum Julich, one of the world's leading authorities on solid oxide fuel cells. In early 1999 Global reported that they had achieved high levels of power output. A new type of seal was reportedly working well. As well they have been pursuing mass production of an inexpensive variety of ceramic plates for the stack. Global is already a manufacturing company which has produced small thermoelectric powerplants for many years. In Apr1999 Global stock value increased by 15x in one week. In Nov1999 Global announced that Brian Gorbell, former Chief Engineer for Ballard's passenger bus program, will now head Global's automotive related fuel cell program. Global shares increased in value by up to 15 x in Apr1999.
Goran Wall's Home Page 1999Jun Sweden educational...a page about exergy (second law) analysis. Huge list of references which contain the word exergy.
Hayes Industrial 1999Apr USA bicycles...bicycle disk brakes.
Humbolt University 1999Sep USA university...working on solar projects including generation of hydrogen with solar panels. Have built a small fuel cell vehicle.
Hydro-Air Technologies 1999Sep USA solar energy...their HARPS system utilizes dry air to concentrate a brine. The power unit of HARPS consists of a heat pump that uses sea water or fresh water to dilute the brine in the process of transferring energy to a boiler. In the boiler, a refrigerant is evaporated to drive a turbine that generates electric power. Another of their proposed systems use large very large upright funnels. Water is sprayed and evaporated at the base. Both these system use solar energy, but in an indirect way. Enough HARPS plants can be built in the desert areas of the world that are near bodies of water to supply all the electric power for the world they claim.
Hydrogen Organization 2000Jan USA organization...promoting the hydrogen economy and fuel cells, have links to the latest fuel cell articles.
International Gas Turbine Institute 1999Apr USA organization...a branch of ASME. Hold two annual gas turbine conferences each year. These are the most well attended conferences on gas turbines in the world. Half of the gas turbine papers that are presented in the conferences are published in the Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power. Back copies of all papers are available by contacting IGTI. A book of paper titles can be purchased for a nominal fee.
Microvel Technologies 2000May Canada steam hybrid...has developed a hybrid electric vehicle that is powered by an onboard steam generator and runs on electricity 100% of the time. A passenger car and min van are planned.
Moller International 1999Jul USA aircraft...I first saw Moller's flying saucer in Popular Science many years ago. I think he used the same ducted fans as he does now. Now if such flyer saucers would replace the automobile, as Dr. Moller sometimes claims, think how many collisions there would be in the sky. Think of the hum of 8 million wankel engines with no mufflers screaming away in rush hour. But I do like the idea of the VTOL vehicle. Makes a lot more sense than an airplane that needs a runway.
National Fuel Cell Research Center (NFCRC) 1999Sep USA organization...fuel cell information.
National Institute for Resources and Management 1999Aug Japan organization...report on artificial photosynthesis.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory 1999Aug USA research...the U.S. Department of Energy's premier Laboratory for renewable energy & energy efficiency research, development & deployment.
National Science Teachers Association 1999Jun USA organization
Ocean Power 2000Apr USA desalination...dedicated to becoming the world's leading innovator of mass produced water desalination and renewable power generation systems.
Plug Power 1999Jul USA fuel cells...developing polymer fuel cells, are a joint venture between DTE Energy Co., the parent of Detroit Edison and Michigan's largest electric utility, and Mechanical Technology Inc.or MTI, an early developer of fuel cell technologies. Their goal is to develop and manufacture affordable fuel cell systems for residential, small commercial and automotive applications. They target Jan2001 as their date of market entry.
Popular Science 1999Apr USA magazine...the what's new website. Articles and forums.
Proton Energy 1999Sep USA fuel cells...working on PEM regenerative fuel cells.
Powerball Technologies 2000May USA fuel...Powerballs are ping pong sized polyethylene coated sodium hydride pellets that react with water to produce hydrogen.
RA Energy 1999Sep USA organization...promoting the hydrogen economy.
Realm of the Quantum 1999Jun...matter and energy are both composed of quanta, and are today considered to be merely two different aspects of the same thing, which could be called, in the tradition of space-time, matter-energy. Even the classical distinction between a particle and a wave becomes fuzzy in the quantum realm, and quanta are often referred to as wavicles.
Rhombic Corp 2000Apr USA conversion...Rhombic Scientists have developed five ground breaking unique technologies, Inertial Electrostatic Confinement, Diamond film forced diffusion, The Nuclear Battery, Diamond-Reinforced Flywheel Battery, Disperse Composite Material, The Excimer Lamp
Sandia National Laboratories 1999Sep USA research...A US Department of Energy National Security Laboratory, also deal in renewable energy. The world's most powerful X-ray source, Sandia National Laboratories' Z Accelerator, achieved temperatures of 1.6 million degrees, close to the 2 to 3 million degrees required for nuclear fusion. Recent Sandia breakthroughs have enabled the accelerator to more than septuple its output from 40 to 290 trillion watts.
Scientific American 1999Apr USA magazine...Generally more advanced cience topics that relate to professionals.
ScienceDaily News 1999Apr USA magazine...links to the latest research news. A magazine for laypeople.
Solar Hydrogen Energy Corp 2000Jan USA solar...SHEC has developed a proprietary process to produce hydrogen with water and sunlight.
Solar Energy Limited 2000Apr USA solar...focuses on developing commercially viable solar projects. Hydro-Air Renewable Power Systems uses only dry air and water (either fresh, salt or waste water) to produce electricity- while cleaning the air. This process uses the heat of vaporization (one quart of water has one-twentieth the energy of one quart of gasoline). These units can be small enough for a house or large enough for a State. Envisioned building 1/3 mile high funnels. Water sprayed into the upper portion would cool down the air. Calculations showed that the cold air mass would flow down at great speeds which would then drive a large turbine. Each such funnel could generate as much power as many large modern powerplants. This is not a perpetual motion machine, it is the sun the indirectly evaporates the water. Air Conditioner Energy System is similar in concept but units are primarily for single family residences or small businesses. They are roof-mounted and produce electricity with 'cold air' as a bi-product (i.e., produces electricity while air-conditioning your house). Units projected to cost $3,000 and the cost of electricity and air-conditioning less than half of market. Direct Solar Reduction of CO2 process, uses only completely renewable solar energy to consume C02, produces a high quality fuel (gasoline, diesel, etc.) with electricity and oxygen as bi-products. Power and Water using only dry air and salt water to produce either electricity or fresh water or both simultaneously. These units are particularly useful in isolated areas and more information will be released on completion of patent filings. Millennium Refrigerators and air-conditioners that require no refrigerant.
Solarpaces 1999Sep USA solar...make heliostat style solar collectors.
Southwest Windpower 2000Jan USA windmills...a world leader in micro-windenergy. In Dec1999 produced the 30,000th wind turbine.
Snow Leopard Resources 2000Apr Canada fuel cell...are primarily developing the hydrogen-sulfide fuel cell and also specialize in sour natural gas fields. Presently sour gas in natural gas is removed and burned in open stacks. The sulfur fumes are very hazardous and soon laws will prevent such emissions. Hydrogen sulfide is a fuel. If all the sour gas presently available in for example Alberta, Canada were converted via a fuel cell, roughly one-third of the provinces electricity needs could be produced. Solid sulfur is produced from the cell and can be sold. There are many sour gas fields worldwide and many are simply capped because of the high hydrogen sulfide content. Snow Leopard has been involved with the hydrogen sulfide fuel cell for almost 10 years, and now has bought all the patents. It has farmed out the job of developing this fuel cell to a large US research agency. I could not get details of the fuel cell when I talked to the president in 2000Apr05, but it sounds as if the fuel cell is not overly complicated. Fuel cells ready to be put into use should be available within a few years. The president Lauchlin Lyons has been involved in petroleum exploration and also methanol production for many years.
STM corporation 1999Sep USA Stirling engine...have a 30 kw Stirling engine which produces up to 40% efficiency with life expectancy of 60,000 hrs.
Sunpower Inc. 2000May USA Stirling...is the leader in free-piston Stirling engines and coolers and in linear compressors. Sunpower's technology is protected by over 30 U.S. patents and over 100 related foreign patents and applications. Claim an engine/alternator efficiency of between 30 and 35%. Suggest cost would be $US1000/kW based on 10,000 units/year, this would be reduced at higher volumes. Free-piston Stirling engine linear alternator combinations offer numerous advantages over IC engines at the micro-cogen power levels they claim. They have higher efficiencies than IC engines and this efficiency remains essentially constant at different sizes. This is not true of IC engines. The continuous combustion required by Stirling engines makes them produce fewer emissions and operate more quietly than IC engines. Soundproofing is not required. IC engines, even those designed for long life, require regular service (typically 2000-4000 hours) and their lives are ultimately limited by the contact operation of the moving parts. On the other hand, free-piston Stirling engines are hermetically sealed and the moving components are supported on non-contact gas bearings. There are no parts requiring service within the engine and alternator, and lives of greater than 60,000 hours are projected; life will ultimately be limited by heater head creep. The burner does require service but no more than the typical home furnace. Furthermore the fixed speed operation of free-piston Stirling engines, unlike IC engines, allows for simple grid synchronization. As long as the linear alternator is wound for the correct grid voltage, these machines can be directly coupled to the grid.
Suntherm 1999Aug USA solar...sells a variety of renewable energy systems for the home. Their wood stove can generate steam to run a steam piston engine. Their parabolic trough solar collector can power the steam piston engine, provide floor heating or heat the swimming pool.
Technology Transition Corp 2000Jan USA energy... Since 1986, Technology Transition Corporation (TTC) has been a catalyst in uniting diverse energy industry groups to develop business opportunities for clean and renewable energy technologies. Design and implement strategic initiatives to help emerging energy technologies move from the research and development environment into sustainable markets.
Thermodynamics Educational Site 1999Jul USA educational...Classical, Quantum & Statistical Mechanics.
Toups Technology Licensing 1999Aug USA fuel...sell technology for production of a synthetic gas from sewage using electric arcs.
US Department of Energy 2000Jan USA organization...information about many different forms of energy.
Usenet FAQ on Physics and Relativity 1999Jun educational...popular explanations for some commonly asked questions about physics and relativity.
Watsitz 2000Jan USA fuel cells...sell a variety of small hydrogen fuel cells, education kits, fuel cell scooter. Are promoting the hydrogen economy.
Westinghouse Solid Oxide Fuel Cell 1999Apr USA fuel cells...have recently been bought by Siemens, are working on tubular solid oxide fuel cells.
Westport Innovations 2000Apr Canada NG diesel...are developing a natural gas direct injection system for diesel engines. Presently many diesel engines converted to run on natural gas mix the fuel in the intake manifold. Injecting the natural gas directly into the cylinder results in increased efficiency. A diesel pilot injection is generally required.
Zevco 1999Aug United Kingdom fuel cells...is an AFC company, head quartered in the UK with offices also in Belgium. Zevco recently delivered the first (in the world?) commercial fuel cell vehicle (a van) to the city of Westminster, UK. As of 15Aug1999 the website is being revised, should be up in the future.

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