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Copyright Notice and Legal Disclaimer

1. COPYRIGHT-to keep information centralized
All the information and content (content being text, design, layout, and graphics) posted on the Ben Wiens Energy Science Site of www.benwiens.com are the property of Ben Wiens Energy Science Inc. located in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and are protected by Canadian, U.S. and other foreign copyright and trademark laws. Content may not be copied or distributed (electronic, Internet, or printed) unless certain exceptions below apply. This includes translation to other languages.

2. LINKING-mostly allowed and encouraged
Linking to www.benwiens.com via the Internet is permitted and encouraged under the following conditions. Plain hyperlinks to content is encouraged but Hot Linking, Framing, and Redirect Aliases to content are prohibited. See below. You may copy up to 50 words, paraphrase an article, and use one image up to 200 x 200 pixels from www.benwiens.com for an abstract on your website.

3. HOT LINKING-not allowed
Hot linking on the Internet is defined as inserting a link in a piece of HTML to an image on another server. I do not allow you to do this with any images on www.benwiens.com.

4. DEEP LINKING-allowed
Deep linking is defined as your website linking to a specific webpage of my website that is below the main home or index page of my website. At the moment I do allow you to deep link to any page of my website. This means for example that you can link directly to www.benwiens.com/encyclopedia.html.

5. FRAMING-not allowed
Framing is defined as linking one of my webpages to a frame within your website, in which case my website is seen inside areas of text and graphics on your website. I do not allow you to frame any of my webpages within any on your website.

Only direct hyperlinks to information on Ben Wiens Consulting Inc. are allowed. Linking in such a fashion where a different URL is listed in the browser is not permitted.

For non Internet uses such as printed material or electronic information, you may copy short quotations provided that you attribute the material directly to Ben Wiens or Ben Wiens Energy Science Inc. and list the website www.benwiens.com.

8. FAIR USE-allowed
Certain reproduction of copyrighted materials is considered to be fair use in our society. For example copying a limited percentage of text and graphics for educational purposes is considered to be fair use provided it not sold or widely distributed.

9. PRINTING CONTENT-some allowed
I allow you to print out on paper, content on www.benwiens.com beyond what is considered fair use: Articles on my website are there for the purpose of advertising my services and books. I allow you to print a reasonable amount of temporary copies for personal, education, or company use as long as the full article is printed out with the content as it was published, including the author's name, the website name of www.benwiens.com, the date, any inline advertisements for my books inside the articles, and provided they are not sold or widely distributed. Temporary is considered to be one semester in length. Older copies don't benefit the reader as the content on my website is constantly changing.

10. PERMISSION-may on occasion be granted
I may on occasion grant use of material on www.benwiens.com in a more extensive way than described. Obtain permission in writing by contacting Ben Wiens via e-mail see www.benwiens.com/benwiens.html.

11. PRIVACY POLICY-privacy protected
Ben Wiens Energy Science Inc. recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of you as a user of this Website. This Website does not collect Personal Information about you except for information that you voluntarily provide, for example, when you submit an email to me with comments or questions. Even so you can ask to be excluded from any future newsletters from www.benwiens.com. The Web site uses a free HitBox service to count traffic. The HitBox service collects no personal information from site visitors.

12. CHANGES-maybe
Any of the copyright conditions and terms may change.

13. DISCLAIMER-no endorsement for websites
By providing links to other websites, Ben Wiens Energy Science Inc. does not guarantee, approve or endorse the information or products available at any linked or mentioned sites, companies, or persons, nor does a link indicate any association with or endorsement by the linked site to Ben Wiens Energy Science Inc.